Welcome to The Storms Bros Blog

On behalf of my brother (Mick) and myself, we would like to welcome you to The Storms Bros Blog. My brother and I have shared a passion for the game of baseball over the years, and we thought that a blog would be a great platform to enhance our discussions and experience with following the game. We hope to bring a unique take on the various aspects of baseball and hopefully spark some good debate and discussions along the way.

So what will you see in this blog? Well, we hope we can touch on many different areas of the game of baseball. The majority of the discussions will center around Major League Baseball, with other topics, such as prospects and college baseball, getting some attention as well. Whether the off-season, the grind of the regular season, or the chase for the pennant in October, we hope to give you our take on what is going on. My brother, Mick, is a huge Red Sox fan while I am a die-hard Mets fan (yes, this is a rather odd combination of teams for two brothers to be rooting for). Though you will see a lot of content regarding both of our favorite teams, we hope to look at what is going on through Major League Baseball, providing as complete a picture as possible.

Recently, Mick has graduated college and no longer playing a collegiate sport. He has a lot more time on his hands than he has had in the past 4 years and we really want to get back into writing about baseball. In the past, we have blogged for a couple of weeks and then have stopped. That will not happen this time. We will stay with it for the duration of the season.

We are looking forward to getting started and seeing where this goes. Hopefully, you will find the content interesting and worth reading as you follow what is going on in the game. If you like the content, you can follow us on twitter @StormsBros to find out when a new post is up or to ask us a question.

-Mick and Ty


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