Who are the Yankees?

Since I have been following baseball, the Yankees have always been the most aggressive team when it comes to signing free agents. The price of the player or the total salary of the team was never a thought. The only thing that mattered was winning. Players like C.C. Sabathia, Mark Texiera, and Alex Rodriguez all took top dollar to play for the Yankees. The 2013 offseason saw the Yankees act like the Yankees of old with Steinbrenner at the helm. They signed Jacoby Ellsbury (7/153), Masahiro Tanaka (7/155), Brian McCann (5/85), and Carlos Beltran (3/45). Despite all of these signings, the Yankees missed the playoffs for the second consecutive season. I know baseball has change a little with teams worrying about having to pay the Luxury Tax, but this is the New York Yankees we are talking about. 

Many thought with a lot of big names hitting the free agent market, the Yankees would be aggressive. Names like Scherzer, Lester, Shields, Sandoval, and Ramirez (who could have replaced Jeter) all signed with different teams including their rival Boston. On Monday, the Red Sox signed Cuban infielder Yoan Moncada to a 31.5 million dollar signing bonus. Many believed the Yankees were the favorite to sign Moncada but supposedly the Yankees would not go higher than 27 million. Giving the lack of top prospects in the Yankees farm system, it was surprising to see the Yankees not get more aggressive for a player who many scouts believe has star potential. 

Heading into 2015, the Yankees have many questions marks regarding their roster. Will the Yanks regret not getting one of the big name free agents that could have helped bolster their staff or lineup? Have times changed in New York?


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