The PED Problem



It’s hard to believe that another 2015 breakout performer is being suspended for taking an illegal substance as Dee Gordon has been suspended for the next 80 games. He will also be ineligible for the post-season if the Marlins were to get there. Gordon won the N.L. batting title last season (.333). Earlier this month, Toronto’s Chris Colabello got caught as well.

I feel absolutely zero sympathy for these guys as they are responsible for what they put into their bodies. I don’t know if Gordon will deny it but Colabello continues to deny taking an illegal substance. Whether or not they took something knowingly or not, they are still responsible. These two reports are proving that the MLB drug testing program is no joke. Players are not going to get away with cheating.

This is an unfortunate event in two ways. The first is Gordon is one of the most exciting players in the game. His speed is a lost element in today’s game and he has been fun to watch develop over that past few years. The game needs more players like Gordon, not the cheater. The second way this is unfortunate for baseball is cheaters are being rewarded. In the offseason, Gordon signed a 5 yr / 50 million dollar deal through 2020. This suspension will only cost Gordon about 3 percent of his contract, which comes out to like 2 million dollars. Gordon is an example of a guy who benefited from taking steroids. He will never have to worry about money again. Ryan Braun is another name that comes to mind that got a huge contact after taking steroids. I do not know what can be done in the future but it is not right for these players who get caught using steroids and are able to keep their large contracts. Being a baseball player myself, I would never take steroids because I have too much respect for the game. But if a player knows he has a chance to make millions of dollars and he may get caught and have to sit out 80 games, that does not sound so bad to me.

Baseball has made great strides in their drug testing program but I think they can continue to improve it, especially with harsher penalties.


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