Weekend Review


Some thoughts about the weekend:

  1. The New York Yankees starting rotation needs help. Right now Tanaka has a 2.87 ERA and every other starter has an ERA over 5! That is not going to get the job done and it shows with their 8-15 record. Their offense has been scuffling and with that rotation, they do not have a winning formula.
  2. Chris Sale is an early favorite for the A.L. CY. Sale improved to 6-0 after his Sunday performance. He did not have his best stuff on Sunday but still only allowed 1 run in 5.1 innings. That’s what the best pitchers in baseball do: win games when they don’t have their best stuff.
  3. It’s only May 2nd but we need to give credit to the Philadelphia Phillies. who are 15-10. They have won 6 in a row and 9 of 10. In the beginning of the season, many thought the Phillies were destined to lose 100+. It still could happen but the young Phillies are competing and have no pressure other than show up and play.


Matchup of the Week:

Los Angeles Dodgers (13-13) at Pittsburgh Pirates (15-10)

Pitching Matchup of the week:

Tuesday: Steven Wright  (Boston) 2-2, 1.37 ERA

Jose Quintana (Chicago) 3-1, 1.47 ERA



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