Is Velocity or Aggressiveness the Problem for David Price?


Yesterday was another bad outing for the Red Sox ace David Price. He only lasted 4.2 innings as he gave up 6 runs to the New York Yankees. Some fans may say that this is just another horrible outing from Price and others may say that he was two pitches away from getting out of jams and giving up 1 run. Either way, something is off for Price.

There has been a lot of talk about Price’s velocity so far this season as it is down about 1 mph over 7 starts from last season. Today, I think he topped out at 92 mph. It’s strange seeing that from a guy who normally sits in the mid 90’s. After watching Price’s start today, I do not think the lack of velocity is the main problem. The main problem is the lack of aggressiveness. Multiple times today Price walked a guy after being ahead in the count 0-2 or 1-2. The main problem today is once he got ahead, he nibbled on the corner and missed by a few inches. It is much easier for hitters to hit when the count is 3-2 than 1-2. Didi Gregorius got price in the 4th when he lined a mistake down the right field line to clear the bases and Carlos Beltran drove in two runs after working the count from 1-2 to 3-2.

The problem today was that once Price was ahead in the count, he stopped attacking. The top pitchers in baseball are never on the defense. They are constantly in attack mode and besides the Atlanta start, Price has not been on the attack all year. It is possible that Price knows he does not have his usual fastball and does not want to attack but that cannot be his mindset. Price needs to get back to being the attacker for the entire at-bat. The next time Price takes the mound it will be the middle of May and he will have a 6.75 ERA! That is not going to get it done, especially when he is making 30 million dollars.


  • Last night Bartolo Colon became the oldest player to hit his first career home run at the age of 42 passing Randy Johnson in the record books when he did it when he was 40. If you have not seen the video yet, take a look.

That was one of the best home run calls that I have heard in a long time by Gary Cohen. Bartolo is always entertaining when he steps into the batter’s box and I guess it was just a matter of time before this happened.

  • The Cubs beat the Nationals yesterday 8-5 to move them to 23-6 on the season. They are the first N.L. team to win 23 of their first 29 games since the 1977 Dodgers. The Cubs are running away with the division and it’s only May.


  • Chris Sale moved to 7-0 through 7 starts on the young season after beating the Minnesota Twins. Not sure this guy can be stopped right now

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