Different Year, Same Story



One of the big highlights of baseball from yesterday was the collapse of the Detroit Bullpen. It is well documented that the Detroit bullpen has been a weakness over the past 5 seasons, since Jose Valverde saved 49 games 2011. Yesterday, in the midst of a 5 game losing streak, Justin Verlander delivered an ace-like performance. He shut out one of the best offenses in all of baseball going 7 innings and striking out nine. He looked like the Justin Verlander of old as he left with a 2-0 lead. Unfortunately for Detroit, they had to use their bullpen. They needed 3 pitchers just to get through the 8th inning. It looked something like this:

Justin Wilson: 0 outs recorded, 2 hits, 2 ER

Mark Lowe: 2 outs recorded: 3 hits, 1 BB, HB, 5 ER

Kyle Ryan: 1 out recorded, 1 hit

This is not a winning formula for any team and what made matters worse is their closer, Francisco Rodriguez was brought in for mop-up duty and gave up 3 hits and 1 run to raise his ERA to 5.06. This is a game that Detroit desperately needed to win and failed miserably.

For a team that has been very competitive for the past 5 or 6 years, it is unbelievable that they refuse to fix a problem that has held them back from being an elite team. They spent millions of dollars on their starting rotation this past off-season signing Jordan Zimmerman. They spent millions of dollars on their offense this past off-season signing Justin Upton. They tried to sign an old closer just like they did with Joe Nathan and the results have not been pretty. What they continue to forget is that the last 6 outs are extremely important and they refuse to change their method.


  • Other Notes:


  • Jake Arrieta showed that he is indeed human as he only lasted 5 innings and gave up 2 runs. If that is Arrieta on a bad day, that is still pretty good. Arrieta has not taken a loss since last July.


  • The Cubs were able to complete the sweep of the Washington Nationals in 13 innings as Javier Baez hit the game winner. The Cubs became the 10th team in MLB history to win 24 of their first 30 games and the first team since the 84’ Tigers. The Cubs will be fun to watch this season.


  • David Ortiz continued his dominance against the Yankees last night as he hit his 51st and 52nd career home run against the Yankees.


  • Bryce Harper played thirteen innings on Sunday and did not record 1 official AB. It was evident that Joe Maddon was not going to let Harper beat the Cubs. Sunday he walked 6 times and was hit by a pitch. For the entire series, Harper walked 13 times. Maddon may have revealed a secret to beating the Nationals.

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